Blame It All On The Mothers

In the basement nobody hears your records play
They ignore your lyrics and artillery
Till you bring weapons unseen
Then you you have to keep your mind clean
Humble no matter what status publicly
Already hated they asking what do I know
It’s built in the foundation solid goals
Just about ready to strike and even Randy Orton would be impressed with the sight
Playing the game with Game Genie codes entered right

Now it’s not a matter of time it’s just a matter of when
I’ll walk alone until the townspeople crowd within
And I don’t have to claim to have the hottest shit
I plant seeds inside heads you gonna remember me

As I grow inside your mind question everything in time go back yeah rewind
Remember the scars the fights and the stars remember that feeling of being behind bars feeling foreign alien Jupiter to Mars
Remember promises of flying cars government sponsoring hanging in our new expensive backyards
People alive today who remember seeing signs saying colored entry only
Now they look with a smile when a man working right beside maybe they believed lies
And not every mind is closed but I suppose the rose of life is thorny as hell
Sensitivity rejected instead we celebrate how many people we impale
Take a breath and inhale before the bill for the oxygen hits the mail and cutoffs prevail

I remember when I could leave my windows open and sleep but now I gotta trap plan to beat
What happened to the love is all we need they took our marijuana now the nation cries and bleeds
Get put in prison with rapists and murders for seeds of nature because you might just get freed
From the operational grip of taking what you’re told straight to the torso from the hip
Accuracy always perfect because it’s a folly in your mind to question underneath the surface
You do good service so when we call on you we never get nervous
You always serve the purpose
Of being entertainment in this fucked up circus
Herd, yes
Mentality of I might as well be like the others rest
United brothers of all colors intent on bringing fatal wounds to each other
Blaming it all on the mothers.

Written by Nofaithpoet


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