It’s True


Broken Masterpiece

My momma…
She fell in love wit the pipe.
Gettin’ high, was more important, than her kids,
more important than her life.
She took her chances, she rolled her dice.
The hope I had,
she cut those lights.

It’s true, betrayal visits you at night.

My girl…
She cheated, leaving a trail.
Tears rocked, but they never fell.
Shots to the soul, holes in my shell

It’s true, betrayal has a smell.

My pops…
He busted a nut, and ran out.
Dead beat, wit no doubt.

He told lies, but not many.
Empty phone calls.
and letters,
he would send me.
Ten years, I seen him again.
He said he was clean,
but his face was thin.

It’s true, betrayal is kin.

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