Loop Repeat Always

Another night up thinking of escape
Poverty an arch villain complete with cape
Like how many more setbacks can I take
Now I’m thinking and I’m moving into places unseen
Possibilities presented by talent bring green streams
Flows of words and money it was all like Big’s dream
Have me believing lyrical weapons can have me on screens
Went from wearing the same jeans
To being welcomed upon arrival in multiple scenes
They say it would I wouldn’t make it past eighteen dead uneducated
You threw away but now I’m climbing out of my grave emancipated
Alive for the second time red pill initiated
Still speaking the truth even as they form united hated
The price for appearing lights I’ve already paid it
Story legendary never to become to outdated
Tried to stop us from leaning but we’re new with words we’re innovators
Suddenly we have the answers to any and all barriers
Flying shortly with first class carriers
No longer among the world so they call us failures
When you hear us speak eyes open and you pay us

Rough years in the eighties but ninety appeared
I found the definition of human it’s simply tears
Beating each other to death screaming you’ll find peace later
Treating women like trash so they rather sleep with vibrators
Private show instead of experimenting together
Red deficit based off red letters with untaxed cheddar
God sure knows how to get accounts you better
Open your mind before age locks it tight
The youth always have an advantage bright eyes clean insight
Until we dump our ignorance on top of them every night
Hard to see when your light isn’t that bright
Dim lights closed minds same thing opposite of wrong you say yeah right
Three in the morning and words command daylight
Silly expression people stay sleeping even past night’s flight

So another night thinking of escape
But racism around here wears confederate and all white capes
Blue and red flags get a life took colors are all it takes
Get beat the fuck up when eyes red like brakes
Indicators of peace pipe betrayal
These badges have some officers slayers
Murder the family if a plant solves prayers
Asked for my tax refund they said they’ll send it later
Hardship don’t mean shit to the wealthy money equipped
Planing to use funds to bribe gates open heavenly trips
While the general population becomes ignorant refusing to resist
Find out on any rundown corner
Coroner rich like the funeral home owner
So question always has been am I worth more as a goner
Is this why they smile asking me to be an organ donor
Lies around every day division is important
Equations formulated to be impossible but told to work them.


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