Appointment Hours

Inside my self esteem is weak
You say I should just stand up but I need help please
You are special and have everything figured out
I’m older and still hurting plagued by doubts

You are not my crutch
You are not my savior
You are just the mind I’ve been trying to find
Will you love me or leave me behind

I don’t believe I’m attractive
You make that belief go away
I feel so wanted beside you
But you might not feel the same way too

What am I going to do
If you leave me like I think you’ll do
I’m so confused
And worried about us
You say calm down and chill no rush
I’m gasping for air and you’re just fine
I’m drowning and you say take time I don’t have

I’m pitiful I know
Scared and shaking yeah I know
Afraid to let myself show
Because you might look at me and slam the door
Every evening I’m scared, waiting
For you to say sorry, I’m bailing
You’re a good guy find someone else
But I don’t want anyone else
But you’re going to break my heart aren’t you
Say the words
Say the words I can take it

But I can’t…
But I, can’t…

You say take time
You’re already inside my life
My thoughts of you smell sweet
Like the flowers in my peaceful dreams
I already know
I already, know
I already know
I already, know

So YOU take time
Figure out if I’m worth the changes and how
Are you going to find a man like me who wants you the same
I want your body but your mind is always main
I want more than your pussy baby, I want your name
Next to mine
So you take time
You take time
I’ve already made up my mind

You take time
You take time
All the time you really need
I’m already here.


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