Secrets Hesitate

I hesitate
To tell you how I feel
You’re not here
Inside my mind now
You had to move away
So I wouldn’t be slaughtered
I want your love
You are weary of mine
I hesitate

I can’t tell you I love you
You think I’m lying
To use you then call you whore
My eyes don’t change things
You don’t believe the lights
I hesitate to come to you
You’ll leave too
I hesitate

I should be able to hold you close
And give you my love and acceptance
But you don’t know my passion now
Time wears us down
I’m the only real man looking at you
In true love
It’s makes you doubt me
I touch
My body thinking of pleasing you
so much
I had to stop doing it so much because you might be thinking of someone else

I’m standing here waiting to be good enough
What must I do
I’ll do it rip my chains from my skin
I’ll follow you where you want
Just to see you happy
Your lips and mind in harmony
I hesitate
To say I love you
I don’t know everything
But I know I want you in my life always

I tear my walls down
Asking for you to come inside
But you’re weary now
Can I
Be your friend and further
My life if you want me to I’ll be
Whatever you want

I hesitate to ask you to touch me
Your skin begs for my tongue and I am here
Everything you know about love is improved and waiting
Whispering your name in my sleep it’s complicated
You can be without me but I can’t say the same
When I cum thinking about you I whisper your name sweetly satisfied

I’m calling out for you
Chosen from the world to see what I do
You have never been desired like this
And I hope you’ll see before it’s too late
I just want to hold you close
Rub that sexy back of yours
Fight the world please give me hugs and look at me

Don’t want to be beside me wet and vulnerable
I’m gentle and I will not hurt you because I know the pain
Of loving someone who doesn’t feel the same
I want to make you cum until you’re tired
Then I want to hold you as you fall asleep
I’m no one, far from the best

My love is all I have and it’s here you know
Your green eyes already know
I’m yours but I can’t wait and watch you slip away
You already know
I am waiting and hope you trust me some day
You already know
I’m scared you’ll say I’m just a good thought
Not good enough to be the one who lives for you and smiles
I get tired driving these miles waiting for our destination
I have so much love I want you to have

I think about you so much but I don’t think you think about me the same
You say the future is unknown it is always unknown babe
So when you say perhaps in the future I already know I’ve lost
I hold on but you don’t want to become someone I live for and I’m sad
All I want is to be the one you love
All I want is to be the one you trust
But you don’t know me
If you knew me
You would know I’d rather die
Than to hurt you but your walls and my heart collide
Will you ever invite me inside I’m scared out here in the darkness
You know I love you now
But maybe I’m not good enough to be in your heart so I

I hesitate
I won’t tell you
I live love you now
It will grow even stronger
But if you don’t want me I’ll go
I don’t want to be your mirror I want to be the air you breathe
Speak to me
I hesitate.


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