When the Carolina sky is up
It goes down from country folks to the big city
A spectacle really
Appreciate the barbecue and marijuana there’s plenty
Illegal but legal if you got twenty
Cops searching but it’s all gone reup yall empty
Watch them North Carolina streets show love
Strangers affiliated give nofaith hugs
Smoke higher than altimeter flight readings speed beater
Storyteller and appointed teacher
Here to train and nice to meet you
Summerville raise up when I greet
Goose Creek almost put me to sleep
Winston-Salem held me down
Had to move in the country now
Straw hats Moonshine vats rebel flags
Black women fed well with class
White women secretly meeting to taste black
Christian flags fly reminding me where I’m at

When the Carolina sun shines things move
Come over grab some tea and soulfood
Past old men smoking joints with veteran attire
The coolest summers are when you smell cookouts lineup
The smell is sweet and Carolina air makes the perfect complete.


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