Submarines Under the Water

She goes deeper with submarines
Under the surface to understand what I mean
My eyes light green you have the right of way yes it’s what it seems
So be especially careful 
with what you say
I’m yours but won’t hesitate to flee if rejection appears right away
I can’t take seeing you in my life and ideas haunting me
You may not understand my dedication but I’m waiting patiently
To be accepted resurrected inside of your mind
If allowed suck on your labia lips one at a time
Please don’t insult by questioning if I’ll stay
I’ll blow up the universe in just one day
Fuck any man who tries to stop me I’ll send his ass back in time before floppies
Don’t care if it’s my own brothers and sisters they’ll be disconnected from fingers promptly
See how you heart lingers you completely have me

When I desire someone I am committed If they shit on me I’m gone I ain’t with it
Treat me right and I will give more
You’ll see angels in my shadow
I’m not perfect but I think about you
Even before me
A man who sacrifices life is yours eternity
The last person I want in front of my eyes when I die
Fuck the doctor or god you are me and know you are I
I’ll keep it a secret until you allow me the key
Mine is available for pickup just ask how can you know I love you if you don’t speak
Fuck anything about the past the future for us will last
You’re already erasing my pain not an easy task
Fuck drugs you make sunny days appear forsake forecasts of rain
If no one discovers me I’ll work a 9-5 until my heart bursts in shame
To provide my share of commitment
This is true love something you haven’t witnessed
So I know you are afraid this passion and romance is a new grade
Scary to witness a man who isn’t afraid
I’m in perfection owned by a beautiful mind with beauty
Higher than any THC level this distance highest standards yes you fit me
People say tell me I’m too strong
Love is powerful with logic and feelings home
This is the world in which I live
I’m too loving for people they are not equipped
My romance filled eyes cause people to second guess and blink
Accuse me of abusing the drink
No I come this way standard unique blueprint
Want me to go away question my love
I’ll forget you ever exist till life is up
I don’t like wasting my time but I don’t mind waiting
As long as you want me I’m solid like the pavement
I can be sexual or stick to strictly intellectual statements
Clean after myself and cook no need for payment
I’ll wash your feet after work and serve you
Later on in the night if you want gratitude by you nude
This is a preview yes an interlude
You think I’m joking but when I put this brain on top I’m never crude
With this penis I’ll adjust to every move
I’m a big man so eating pussy sure a pleasure to

But don’t get twisted I don’t need sex to be lifted
Just your presence is enough and words superb and gifted
If you could see you the way that I see you you’d stop your fears and touch my face
We’d find a romantic quiet place
Somewhere only we know we undress real slow
Down my eager tongue goes with diligence it shows
Orgasms had together close
But do you trust me

Do you trust me?


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