Very Much Swept

I’m supposed to be just a friend
I am but it’s no secret honey
I’m wrapped around your words
Lost within your eyes
Not wearing a disguise

Totally yours now
Completely and whole
You could tell me to chop my head off
Give me the saw

You would never be so cruel
I’d beg you to stay with me it’s cool
I’d fight the gods if they existed
My passion for you makes me invincible

Hours go by
You’re the only life in my sight
Smiling and holding out your arms
Accepting me and loving so much
The depression melts away every time you’re near
My only reason to believe in tomorrow is you
I would die thousands of times to be with you

Just say the words
I’m so yours
You don’t even know
How much I want to be in your life
I’d leave everything
I’d leave everyone behind
You are worth any consequences
You give me the intellect that I need

Just say the words
Totally yours
Completely interested in you
Living my life beside you
Feeling alive for the very first time
In your arms I’ll be just fine.


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