Garbage Post 19253: fighting in the streets

I call you over
You give shoulders
Colder and Colder
Always annoyed what
Happened to you
What did I do
You are brand new
Spoiled angry and rude
I don’t like this
I’m repulsed now you’re nude
I’m not moved
Blowjobs aren’t worth
High blood pressure
Stressed beyond measure
About to pull the lever
Trap door escape clever
If I’m going to live I have to sever
Any ties with confusion
So guess what I’m moving
Fed up with the lonely nights
Emotional logic lacking fights
In your I want to hurt someone sights
And I’ll just sing along

You don’t know me
My heart is worthy
Of more affection
Less pointless questions
Wasted erections
Deep is missing and it’s a big section

Men aren’t supposed to care right
You got a real man and got stage fright
Of course I have a heart I apply strokes nice
Had you saying time out too much paradise
Now I’m climbing stairs regardless of the actual calculation of height
You feel disturbed when my smile is bright
Now I’ve found importance what I want in my life
And her name is oomf so sorry no satellites
Tracking devices or private eyes taking pictures of us in candlelight
Don’t be upset because you major in dark nights
While I major and minor in love passion I always write
I found a person who doesn’t bite
My head off and chew secretary instead of love
I don’t want reminders of errands I want love
Numerous hugs hitting bongs cutting up
Uniting the people
You haven’t even voted
And deep level discussion are never promoted
Big bang my mind exploded
Into several directions expanding
Perhaps my requests are demanding
You take my wood down emotional sanding


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