Dreaming Sacred Heart Rituals

She may not believe I’ll leave
Why doesn’t she understand I’m offering everything
These are not just lines to entertain
My heart is exposed written seen by great writers of this age
Playing games outside of mobile phones and consoles has never been fun
In matters of the heart I excel in all ways
When I say I’m interested you become my space
Universe to love and explore

Meadows without rain still green.
Smiling together in every scene.
Changing my life to beauty.
Wrapping me up in love I didn’t know how powerful it would be.

How could I let down an intelligent beautiful person and speech
You should remember I want everything you seem to want too
A hand shared on travels chasing the moon
Equality and love unfathomable
I hope you know

Face in hands
Seeing questions
Seeing distrust
And my current situation always cuts my statements up
I’m fucked
She doesn’t believe I’ll burn the road into crystal diamonds
To become nutrients her personal loving vital vitamin
Every time I feel good and warm she casts wind
Feeling undiscovered like movies in the bottom of bargain bins at Walmart

But I
Dream too much

Dream too much

Dream too much

But I dream always

Even though you’re asleep

I’m up hoping to be in your sweet head

But I dream too much

I dream too much

You will not be disappointed no no no never.


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