Then Sum

Give and receive Then some Give and receive Then some Then some in the bathroom Give and receive Then some in the living room Give and receive Then orgasms in the bedroom I’ll create with you on the fly Like my poems freestyle my tongue for a while When I’m ready to eat I bring tools… Read More Then Sum


This is hour etched inside, Recorded for us, Carefully walked from holding hands to belonging, Up straight in love past falling down like accidents, The building we’ve been searching for has pretty front steps, Frozen in pictures we forgot to pose though, Overcome with joy after thick tears out of control, Finally we’re able to… Read More Contented


She thought holding him closer would help Another day of defeat cleared One less worry if her arms wrapped tight Two candles kissed with winds from an open window Breathing close to her chest could solve mysteries Solve puzzles thought impossible to beat Her touch made a believer out of his weak heart Days then weeks… Read More Insubstantial

Paged Dialing Numbers

Dark comments just like we figured, Therefore switching plans required totally get the picture, Numbers deleted forward progress pure quest, Becoming what other people wanted had us vexed, Checked hotlines read forums still a mess, After the stumble aware of dialing changed numbers, No one to carrying burdens with, Wrap up before facing brutal cold it is… Read More Paged Dialing Numbers