The We Interchange

Frozen black orchids in her face I’ve been told to forget every golden memory

Whip my neck faster than urgency yeah sudden changes between you and me

Almost reliable then sudden loses, hugs stripped away during vulnerable nights I’m crushed

Marching unforgiving streets for us while she sleeps peacefully through every emergency

Animated with anything else, anyone else, not us

Frozen possibilities

Potential stalled then hurled blame, blindsiding disease.

Turn around you’re going the wrong way, how many signs do you need?

How many signs?


Headline You’ll Never See

Asked left or right never straightforward

In Bubbles We Can Hide Longer In Lies

Best parts destroyed in anger

How could you say murderous face expressions without blinking

Oh yeah it doesn’t mean anything afterwards

Yeah you were drinking so congratulations on your free pass

Told me what you’ve been really thinking with a laugh

Even farted in my face screaming kiss my ass

Now I’m supposed to be understanding without fail

Told respect being required is damning and overstepping

Oh well

Potential keeping us in bed

Never more gas tank hand exceeding red

These days a zombie outside and home

No feelings noticed all drive gone

Then she brings up some level 1 bullshit to feel better about missing a mark

Bubble time come and gone