Broken Chair, Open Door

Fading footsteps shouldn’t be an alarm

Silence shouldn’t cause concerns to grow
Water our plants before color goes

Talk of happy future headlines

Buried in obituaries, 

Admitting departures is mature

Words unheard no voice


Age calmly explaining attention seeking a dull pen

Worthy paper trapped unworthy ink

My boat was pretty pretty badly built


I’ll stop blaming calm water start blaming steering
Outside this corner of pity gloom doom roads await investigation far from this room,

On abandoned dirt roads I hear welcoming unsure insecurities,

Mixed with places marked exceptions compass friendly faint whispers I want.

Break my chair stand up furthermore through opened front door,

Before death there’s more to know.

Doesn’t come easy for artistic kinds,

Dealing with frequencies between numbers 

Ugly side signs of humanity birth wonders twin tragedy,

We change persistent fallacies opening minds less care for knees

Wither away unheard unread book with a brand new world lost without looks,

Time will tell.

Fading footsteps shouldn’t be an alarm

Acceptance shouldn’t be worn as a charm

Shouldn’t need chaos to appreciate calm,

I’ll write you from a different address I swear

Somewhere I can get my weary head status cleared

Opened to validation on my own

Water plants before the colors go,

Water plants before the colors go.


A Nightmare’s Sting

Held your hand through a nightmare’s sting

Guidance with true concern as a map

Goals were survival sticking together the end

When did our hands unravel when did you decide to go alone

Despite my pleading I watched you run into the unknown happily with excuses

Cursed my map and compass feeling a new way

Attempts to change your mind became unsafe

Walk or run alone I must continue to my end

Held your hand through a nightmare sadly nightmares hold you.

Human Limitations

Standing with someone else doesn’t make me safe.

Humans are selfish inside yeah I’m included this is my highway.

Wanting you to understand me while I don’t understand you.

We should apply facepalms cry ashamed of ourselves.

There are no innocent people left.

Maybe it’s foolish pretending we have chances to change.

Conditional love is the best we’ll have.

This is where we’ve wrecked home.

Certain Calls

Certain calls draw on walls larger

Darker for more emphasis

Acknowledge significance

Corners turn into ends dead

Moments we choose refusing to postpone collect

Influencing our uneasy unsure next steps

It’s my call it’s your call

Oh Daddy

Oh, daddy where are your hugs?

Far away from me like your care.

Promises of doing better.

Falling like dominos.

Hope I’m not like you with my kids.

A figure unknown, full of excuses.

Unsupportive in the end.