I’ll share gladness from my home within,

A house I’m working on forever,

As soon as you look towards the ocean you’ll see my lighthouse,

Placed by a sea filled with as many questions as gallons,

Two lights are even better,

I’ll gladly share my shore friend.


Crutch Holding

Filled the bottom of my crutch

Hit it and drove down the street eyes lowered

Swearing this feeling will help me relax

Played music and it sounded even better

Lyrics sounded crisp little meanings magnified

A sad man driving carefully caring for all

Taking synthetic because natural remedies reduce bottom lines

They say we are all God’s children but I heard them whisper

Not them and especially not him

So I filled the crutch

High but the lowest.

Back Because

Sitting far away

Annoying you isn’t something I want to do

Okay you’ve told me to be myself

But I’ve heard that before

Peers laughed as my tears met pavement

Can’t take being teased again so I hold back

Convinced by your smile I’ve grown

Sitting closer and confident

Loving and loved

A regular in your thoughts.