Hurdles After Breakfast



Don’t wanna be a burden

She says well

Don’t be one.

I have excuses but you deserve better.


Forgiveness For Stumbling

Darkened walk-in closets hang up my worst hours

Crying undercover is crying during showers

I’m split in three into a room with three mirrors

All filthy and I cannot hide my lowest time anymore

Puddles of tears to create a river via my shame

Really afraid so I’m masking pain.


Failure lurking in clocks every second every minute hours’ wings flee

Disapproval burns within damaging strength still some remains

Through every change bringing wisdom within my follies are exposed

If I ask for help will I be left out marked too much to deal with?

Of Correspondence

Letters addressed to her mind arrive frequently, always signed by me.

My poetic world can be dark however a sun rises randomly, briefly.

When I see sunshine, tree selection takes place, need the perfect space.

To come to her in written peace.

I write pages she’ll bookmark and highlight.

If all is dark I’ll be starlight, moonlight, within pages she’ll turn gently.

The author she reads in lines unaware of passing time, fine, finding new possibilities.

To come to her in written peace.

Beautiful eyes focused refusing to cease.