Sunday Grits

Sunday morning without any reasons

Under covers laughing, joking, heavy breathing

Consistently cuddling without separation

Makes me feel confident regardless of what I’m facing

Without disappointment feeling better than ever

Easy to feel elevated with a woman so clever

Skipping with a smile throwing out a b c rhyme poems

She hates these basically saying it’s an insult between shoulders, at ease

Just missing playful moments without fear of fire, burning attitude or comments then my heart freeze unpleased.

Can we go back to clean combat or peacetime

Training matches instead of live fire gun-downs

Both need a better prescription for our sky.


Throwing Dirty Dishes With Heated Force

Glass sprinkles in a damaged heart, this feeling

Warfare between us hidden attacks upon dawn

Greetings withheld until finally gone, doing each other wrong

I was about to smile then she complained, took fatal shots without aim

Eliminating flame, discouraged, I pondered my stats, righteous anger mistaken when I react perhaps

Guess my inactivity highlights obscure iniquities possibly explaining hypersensitivity

Minor cuts encouraged to grow here’s to wishing our mouths become calm, love unblocked flows, this feeling.

Singled Bed

My secret clearing hosts regrets

Disguised pain throbbing amongst celebration

Without invitation allowing pattern analysis

Drifting downstream without noticeable changes

Changing as seasons rotate, where do I belong?

Hands release as peace multiplies during exploration

Before termination in each other, buildings were built, found unsound

I planned for long term while she planned for no plans

How long do you chase an uncommitted admirer

Bricklaying incorrect, hourglass pupils, benefits diminished

Blueprints designed for another.